Wild Things 121

The highlight of this blog walk was the sighting of a young “Long Nosed Whip Snake”. This guy was not as big as the whip snakes I have seen previously, but he was in a much better location for a photographer i.e. a hand width from the pavement and almost at ground level. As with my previous whip snake sightings it came after a rain shower. I tried stroking his back, but he appeared to be not very impressed with this and he shot off into some thick grass. Up until this point on my walk I had not seen very much wildlife at all. Anyway, I walked back to the condo with a smile on my face.


About ianframe

I have worked and travelled extensively in Middle East and S.E. Asia for many years. I now live in Pattaya, Thailand. I am a keen photographer, and carry my Nikon with me everywhere. The camera is fitted with a 60mm f2.8 macro lens. Since I don't like carrying, changing or buying lenses, I use this same lens for everything. Other interests include wildlife, Chinese ink painting, Tai Chi, jogging, and composing funny verse.
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