Wild Things 137

I set out on my blog walk at about 06:30hrs – so that I could be back in my apartment before the “Songkran” water throwers surfaced. It proved to be a good strategy. As insurance I also wrapped my camera in a large plastic bag. However, removing the camera from the plastic bag really slowed me down – causing me to miss some lizard shots.
I have been seeing (and photographing) the same praying mantis every day for several weeks. This guy is always standing on the same leaf. I thought that I should give him a name – and have chosen Monty. I think that Monty Mantis has a nice ring to it. Another of my regulars is a small dragonfly. I managed to get a close up shot of him this morning (but I am not yet satisfied). At one spot last year I could see hundreds of dragonflies every day, but now at that location all I see is a new concrete office block.

Did you notice the fly on his back leg?


About ianframe

I have worked and travelled extensively in Middle East and S.E. Asia for many years. I now live in Pattaya, Thailand. I am a keen photographer, and carry my Nikon with me everywhere. The camera is fitted with a 60mm f2.8 macro lens. Since I don't like carrying, changing or buying lenses, I use this same lens for everything. Other interests include wildlife, Chinese ink painting, Tai Chi, jogging, and composing funny verse.
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